Friday, 3 February 2017

The Earlier You Start, The Better It is to be an Optometrist! Plan Ahead!

Do you aspire for the field of medicine?
Are you interested in the medical study of the Eye?
Do you know the meaning of Optometry?
Do you know who an Optometrist is?
Do you know the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist?
Plan ahead and achieve better!

It’s never too early to start preparing for a career in the field of medicine.
The healthcare profession focusing on the Human eye i.e. which involves examining the eyes and visual systems for disorders/ defects or abnormalities, medical diagnosis and management of the same, is known as optometry.

The field of optometry began traditionally with only one prime focus i.e. correcting the refractive error by using spectacles, Dr. Paul J Olsovsky , while modern day optometry focuses of the educational curriculum, which includes medical training in the diagnosis and management of ophthalmic disorders only in places where optometry is established and regulated with strict rules and policies.

Optometry has evolved from just being a brick to being a house of bricks, over time.

When and How to start prepping for Optometry?
Some children wishes to be a doctor in their adult life and some decide to become a healthcare professional in the later stages of life. This defines that there is no defined age range to decide the profession of a healthcare professional.

To be an optometrist, the prepping can begin as early as high school. This helps in facing failures and achieving success in a better fashion.

Even though, there are no proper facilities and resources that are geared up specifically for/ toward optometry, students that are interested in a healthcare profession can find it more common to find clubs or events at that level for the same.

There are many programs which partner with universities and colleges, offering opportunities to students who are interested and giving them exposure to different careers in healthcare profession via participation in healthcare workshops, healthcare conferences and related field trips.
Keeping long-term goals in mind always help in achieving great success.
Students who want to work in the healthcare profession can start by taking placement/ honors courses in mathematics and sciences. Then select colleges with appropriate undergraduate programs and healthcare career opportunities such as pre-optometry.
These students can also volunteer at local clinics and hospitals to learn the basics of the field and provide care to the community. It not only makes them a better person, but also helps them to determine whether such a healthcare opportunity is right for them or not.
Interning with established optometrists will also help them to understand about this field and get a better idea to make it a fulltime career.


The earlier the better!
The early stages in life help in understanding the basics better and making the right decision for the future.
People have the time to risk things, understand different fields and also enjoy various experiences.
Optometry DrPaul J Olsovsky is an optometry-specialist with over 26 years of experience in optometry. He is a living experience of starting early and getting success sooner.
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